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Office Cleaner

Sanitize & Disinfect

Our team's expertise in sanitization and disinfection will put your mind at ease from action plan development to strategic execution. We offer proactive treatments as well as post-exposure treatments to both commercial and residential customers with options for discounted recurring service plans to one-time services. With us as your partner, you can rest assured knowing your space is safely treated.


We are proud environmental advocates, so our process is not harmful to the environment or your space. Unlike bleach and other harsh chemicals, our chosen systems do not damage surfaces or fabrics, do not emit nauseous fumes, and do not contain or release harmful byproducts. 


We only use effective, EPA approved, non-toxic products that: 

  •  Stop mold & mildew by destroying its roots

  •  Kill SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19 coronavirus) in one-minute

  •  Eliminate emerging pathogens and other hard-to-kill bacteria

  •  Eliminate Allergens and Odors

  •  Meet the EPA's emerging pathogen requirements for large and small viruses   showing efficacy against envelope and non-envelope viruses

  •  Are non-irritant, non-corrosive, non-bleaching, and non-rinsing

  •  Sanitize and disinfect both hard surfaces and soft surfaces such as carpets,   cushions, and curtains in under a minute without damaging any surface

  •  Certified by NSF International as "no-rinse-required on food contact surfaces"   that effectively reduces the level of food-borne bacteria on contact surfaces   by 99.99% in less than one-minute.

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