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We have Solutions
for Your Industry

We can service YOUR sector!

On-Point Emergency Support services businesses spanning many industries and sectors. The process and products we use allow us to find the exact solution for your business or space, and we can tailor the service time to minimize any loss of production on your business. For sanitizing and disinfecting services, we will never charge extra for after-hours servicing or emergent response situations as do many other companies.  


Sectors and Facilities we service:

  • Large Venues, Concert & Sports Arenas, Banquet Halls

  • Food Industry: Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Food Prep & Storing Facilities

  • Education and Daycare Facilities

  • Commercial Businesses, Office Buildings, Warehouse and Industrial Facilities

  • Residential Locations & Multi-unit Residential Locations  
  • Personal Care Facilities, Hair and Nail SalonsDay Spas, and Massage Facilities

  • Fitness and sports centers, gyms, and community centers 

  • Hotels, Motels, Homeless Shelters, and Group Homes
  • Automotive Repair Shops, Car Dealerships, Recreational Vehicle Dealers
  • Transit Authority, Buses, Railways/Trains, High-Occupancy Transportations  
  • Government Facilities
  • Agriculture and Indoor Cultivation

If you know of a facility or business sector not listed here, let us know!  We are confident that we can service your needs.

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