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Cleaning with Water Pump

FAQ: On-Point Emergency Support

01. About Us

On-Point Emergency Support (On-Point) is a full-service emergency support and resource company serving clients in the greater Northern California region. Based in Sacramento, CA, On-Point currently specializes in commercial sterilization and decontamination, offering both reactive and proactive services for companies of all shapes and sizes. On-Point also provides emergency equipment supply, such as fire camp equipment.  Read more on our services page.

02. Our Process

At On-Point, one of our core values, is valuing our clients' (and potential clients') time, so all operations are designed with efficiency in mind. From our responsiveness to our hassle-free quote process, we can get a client serviced within days of initial contact, if not sooner. 

Just give us a call or use the contact us page. We will promptly review your needs, provide a competitive price quote, and then schedule service. 

03. Pricing

On-Point Emergency Support offers custom pricing packages based on clients' specific needs, service area size and contamination level. Getting a quote is very simple, takes minutes, and we never have hidden fees or extra charges. Additionally, we offer discounts for referrals or multiple-site jobs. We also have significantly reduced pricing for recurring treatment plans. Contact our best-in-class customer service representatives today for your free quote and ask about On-Point Shield packages

04. Curing Time

We get a lot of questions regarding how long after service, is your space safe and ready to use again. Here at On-Point, we only use non-toxic solvents, but for the solvent to be most effective, we allow a one-hour dwell time on surfaces. We recommend waiting at least two-hours before using the treated space without personal protective equipment to allow for proper ventilation.  

05. Certifications/Guarantees? 

On-Point Emergency Services offers our proprietary On-Point Shield Certification of Sanitization so that you, your staff, and your clientele can rest assured that your space has been cleaned of any potential germs, harmful pathogens, contaminants, and hard-to-kill bacteria and viruses. 

And, with On-Point, your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.

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