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On Fire

Emergency Event

Resources & Support

Our Emergency Event coordination team employs various relief and support options to frontline workers and members of communities affected by emergency events resulting from natural disasters, unforeseen catastrophes, and other prolonged crises. We supply essential equipment, fundamental resources, and temporary housing for emergency frontline workers and government contractors on-site as well as the victims of devastated areas.


Some examples of emergency events include wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, flooding, and even pathogenic contaminations.  These types of catastrophic situations are often unexpected and almost always detrimental to entire communities.  It's common that residents are evacuated and may become displaced from loss of their home and belongings. The loss of local businesses add a damaging layer of economic ruin and suffering.

There are multiple types of frontline workers deployed to these locations to perform services needed to combat or control the damage of such an event; firefighters in wildfire zones, healthcare workers caring for severely ill patients, and contractors performing demolition and rebuilds. It is imperative that these frontline heroes have the resources they need to execute the job.


 These are very emotionally tolling circumstances for all involved, and we can help. 


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