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On-Point delivers prompt and effective COVID-19 response measures. Whether you need regularly scheduled, proactive sanitization or are responding to a potential exposure or outbreak requiring emergent disinfection, our team of expert technicians use only non-toxic, EPA registered and approved COVID-19 disinfectants to treat your area. Upon completion of treatment, we will provide you with our On-Point Shield Certificate for display. 

What is the COVID-19 Response process: 

Upon arrival to your site, our team will be fully equipped to immediately treat your space safely and quickly. We can remediate any COVID-19 exposure with our full On-Point Shield process. This complete treatment includes a baseline test of high-touch surfaces, a hands-on sanitization of all hard and soft surfaces, and is followed by a full disinfection spray of the space. After a short dwell-time of approximately one-hour, the technician will re-test the surface to confirm the space was effectively treated. He/she will ensure it is properly ventilated and advise you of when the space is ready for use, which is usually within 1 to 2-hours from completion. 

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